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Here are some of the notes from the video (didn't show up during the hangout):

Action steps, and how to apply this strategy:
- shoot for 50 or more new likes a day
- follow at least 25 new blogs/authors a day
- follow and comment simultaneously (helps you keep track of who you're interacting with)

Three steps to getting everything you ever wanted out of your business:
- Get all in
- Get 2 sales today
- Get to the next event

That's really all there is to it guys. I can remember stumbling across this strategy and having to check my pulse once I started to get sales rolling in. Y'see, I had always believed that getting signups couldn't be this easy, but everything in front of me completely proved me wrong and debunked by self-limiting belief that I had accepted as truth.

...getting 2 sale a day is easy.

Up until that point my biggest struggle had always been the monkey-chatter that went on between my two ears. You really can start having and living a truly magical life as soon as you decide to.

Today, decide to.

You were born to achieve greatness, yet society wants you to believe that you're too dumb, smart, fat, skinny, inexperienced, poor, rich, black, white, purple or pink to ever succeed.

Let's prove 'em wrong. :)

Jacob DeBoer
"Liberator of the Underdog in all of us"
Get personally mentored by me here

Guys, if you're ready for change you've got to start doing the right things.

As you begin to notice the color yellow become more apparent as you continue to read this all the way to the end, you're going to realize that it really does become quite simple to create and live the life of your DREAMS as soon as you decide to get coachable and pay attention. Friend, you're about to discover the simple truth of how being in the right place at the right time and choosing to live a life of victory by applying the same three key excercises that I did to overcome a life of mediocrity can magically set you FREE in every area of your life life.

Grab a pen and paper, lean in close and pay attention. I'm about to introduce you to my friend who we'll call "Henry". (Obviously, I changed his name guys.)



I can still remember quite vividly being introduced to Henry. I mean, this guy was a superhuman among men. He was constantly surrounded by hot women, bombarded by businessmen with huge downlines, had good looks, fast cars, multiple houses and folks, people worshipped this guy. I mean, looking back it was kind of freaky if you really think about it. 

Henry was the man. 

By the time I had actually gotten the chance to meet him I had heard countless stories of his heroics and uncanny ability to take people from rags to riches in no time flat. I was just getting started in business for myself and my sponsor at the time was actually the one to introduce us. Here I was, twenty something, building a home business and completely engulfed in the moment as my sponsor continued the introductions and I began to recount how all through my life I wish I would have been able to bounce ideas of of this guy and really learn from him...

...the rest was history.

I was in. Hook, line, sinker, pole, reel.... heck, Henry you say jump, and I say "How high?" Driving home, I envisionsioned my new life and all the things I was going to accomplish because now, for the first time in my life I had Henry - my secret weapon who was going to take me straight to the top just like so many countless others in my organization that he had helped before.

My wife was excstatic too... because she saw the same fire in me that Henry did. It took me a good two weeks just to collect my thoughts and get my goals and dreams on paper and over to Henry to review and critique. You see guys, I had only been in business for myself for a short amount of time - and even up until that point my business (in it's infancy) had already seen it's fair share of struggles.

I can still remember the pain of picking up the phone and trying to strike up conversations with people I hadn't seen in years, let alone maintained any sort of relationship with. It was so bad guys, that a few of the times I had to spend the first five minutes of our conversation trying to explain to my prospects who I was and how I was even connected to them! One of the guys thought it was a prank call and even hung up on me! After I burned through my list of contacts I was literally clueless on how to successfully build my business - and desperate for results.

There's a winning combination right? lol.

I used to write post-it notes and stick them on people's cars. Heck, I used to get so stressed out trying to remember eight ba-zillion scripts on how to start conversations with complete strangers and twenty THREE quad-billion more on how to overcome objections that there were days where I would not even want to leave the house because I knew it would save me the heartache of having to deal with these akward conversations that left me feeling worn out, busted.

...and depressed. 


Pitfall #1: Start Journaling or Shrivel up an Die 

Ready to break free? Journal. Daily. Period. I had heard this for years but it wasn't until I actually started journaling every single day that I started to see a spike in not only my daily productivity and sales, but also a huge shift in my income. Plus I started to realize that I was creating better relationships and my communication skills had shot throught the roof. Cha-ching. :)

More on that in a minute.

You see guys I had gotten into business for myself to live the DREAM - but somehow had ended up living the NIGHTMARE. A never ending cycle of plugging holes with peanut butter in a sinking ship the size of Ohio with the technical know how of an ox.

It's HARD to build a business when you're always focused on crowd control.

This is where henry came in. He was my ticket out of this thing. Short and sweet: I wanted to piggy back off of his success and basically USE him to build my business for me. Call it what you like, but I was desperate for drastic, immediate change. A lethal injection of the success strain is what I was looking for.

After getting my goals to Henry, something extraordinary happened.

Not right away mind you, however, slowly but surely I was on a major journey of epic proportions that would completely alter the course of my life.

You ever have a day like that?

A day where you somehow feel, that no matter what happens no matter what you may hear or possibly see, you think to yourself: "I'm about to get a taste of EXACTLY what I need today." That's  how it was with Henry, and although I didn't realize it yet, that very moment Henry was about to alter my life.

Pitfall #2: Find a way to get your ideas to paper, audio or video within 30 seconds of having them. (Broke people SUCK at doing this!)

Shoot. If you learn nothing else than this one key element to your succes and actually decide to implement this today (hint: you've got 30 seconds) you will never have to worry about your financial future again for the rest of your life. Holy rubberbands batman! If there is one super lucrative secret to my superubandant massive success (which there's not - I'm human, just like you) it would be that I learned to do this, and almost immediately it dramatically changed my life. Heck, if some of you applied this for just a week - just a flippin' WEEK... you wouldn't even recognize your life 7 days from now. If you're looking for more, this audio can absolutely change your life forever if you get humble and pay attention.

So... what the heck happened to Henry?

A few days went by and still no word from Henry. It's embarrassing really... I mean I had his mug posted up on my wall in my bedroom, and in my bathroom for heaven's sake! That's how much I looked up to this guy. After almost a whole week with no word from Henry, I thought for sure I must've done something wrong or offended him in some way. I mean c'mon - Henry was a big deal!

The leaders in our organization spoke the world of this guy, and I knew he wouldn't just blow me off so surely... I must have done something to tick him off. Eventually, after reasoning with myself for hours I concluded that it must've been my goals that set this guy off.

Maybe I was playing too small.

Maybe I wasn't up to Henry's standard and he decided that he was going to let me cook for a while. Whatever the case, I chose to re-write my goals and try again. I just HAD to work with this guy and I was willing to do whatever it took to get results with his help.

It was close to the end of the month now, so I completely revamped my entire list of goals and dreams because clearly, I wasn't going to hit my goals that first month so I just bumped it back a month.  After another couple weeks (four or five in total now since being introduced to Henry) I was ready. I shared them with Henry and awaited his response.

One day,

two days,

five days...

...before I knew it another week had passed me by a not a sigle word out of Henry! At this point you must be thinking to yourself, what the heck Jacob, I mean, what gives with this guy? I know I sure was. Almost as miraculous and magical as when I was first introduced to him, I quickly slipped into this self-soothing psychotic state of trying to decipher the super complex thought process of Henry and how to appease his superhuman ways so I could manipulate him into helping me get the results that I wanted in my business, yet I was only treading water and getting nowhere fast.

For two weeks I would try to figure out a new angle, brainstorming into the night and staying up wee hours of the morning. Losing sleep, pulling my hair out and begging God for an answer to my problems, I haphazardly stumbled through the next couple weeks only to start the process over next month.

Create my goals. Share them with Henry. No response. Freak out. Get nowhere. Recalculate. Create new goals. Share them with Henry. No response. Freak out. Get nowhere. Recalculate. Create new goals. Share them with Henry. No response. Freak out. Get nowhere. Recalculate.

Guys this continued for over two years, until something interrupted my pattern of crazy. It was a subtle, yet monumental paradigm shift that completely changed everything.



You see I had been putting "Henrys" up all over my house. They were in my bedroom. They were in my office. They were on post-its. They were on my bathroom mirror. They were on my computer.

Big henrys.

Small henrys.

Short henrys .

Long henrys.

Henrys with pictures.

Henrys with words.

Henrys had become a kind of short term wishing well or false security blanket for me to confide and console in to mask the TRUTH which was that I was too scared and quite frankly I didn't have a clue how to build a successful business and as a result I had unknowingly created a life mediocrity and inaction trying to live vicariously through these Henrys that I somehow thought were going to build my business for me. Which brings me to pitfall number three...

 "As a man thinketh so he is" ~Ancient Wisdom

That's absolutely true. However, MY FRIEND let's not be fooled here - you can't just pick and choose parts of the Bible and leave out the rest. You see... folks, you have been lied to. If you read the context around this verse in Proverbs 23 it also states that the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty, and drowsiness (laziness) shall clothe a man with rags.

It also goes on to say buy the truth and sell it not (don't abandon it); not only that, but also get discernment and judgment, instruction and understanding. You see guys what it really boils down to is that faith without action is dead. Faith without massive immediate action is dead.

I did a live training on this a while back, you can check out my exact process for how I learned to recognize, tap into and harness the unlimted power of my unconcious mind and I explain exactly how anyone can copy me and experience massive success in anything they do from this point forward here.

Moral of the story guys: 

Dream Boards: Bad. All-out Massive immediate action: Good.

The world we share and together create needs less people hiding behind their henrys waiting for success to drop into their pockets like fluffy white marshmallows delivered by cute little pink fairies, and requires more people willing to take ownership of their life, realize that they control their success and step into their purpose.

Don't be fooled.

It is OUR responsibility to step up.

No one else.

Step into your Purpose.

And, together, we can change
the world around us.

You in?

Jacob DeBoer
"Liberator of the Underdog in all of us"
Get personally mentored by me here


What's My Secret? Pretty Simple Really...

Buy this. Do this. Watch this:

Most people waste their creative POWER and snuff out all hope of ever stepping into their TRUE purpose by channeling all their energy into finding other people to blame for their lack of results.

They sabotage their success and find excuses for not being what they are capable of being, instead of harnessing that energy by putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives.

Guys, as you listen to this live audio that I recorded just for you, and as you begin to notice a shift in your thinking, productivity and confidence from this moment forward.

You're about to discover just how simple it is to TRULY break free and live the life of your dreams. Lean in, grab a pen and paper because I'm about to show you the EXACT method I used to overcome EVERY fear and ALL procrastination in every area of my life and how...

...you can too step into a NEW YOU by applying this simple exercise
as you listen to every word that leaves my mouth:


Guys, people need to know this stuff.

There is POWER in becoming truly FREE from a life of lack and limitation. Reblog this and share this audio with your teams, friends and those you truly care about. 
Here is the link to share today's audio.


Also, if you haven't yet heard my gut-wrenching story of how I overcame absolute heartbreak and hopelessness and escaped into a lifestyle of abundance and freedom that I totally LOVE, you can do that now by clicking here.

Jacob DeBoer
"Liberator of the Underdog in all of us"
Get personally mentored by me here


Press the shiny orange play button now:

Pretty sweet eh?

Guys, this is the EXACT formula I follow, and it's the primary reason every other team out there right now is trying to catch up. (but they can't.)

Here are four more:

Welcome to the Masters Initiative:

Why are we leaving "the other guys" in the dust? 

Personally, I believe it has almost everything to do with you and nothing to do with me. It amazes me how quickly someone can have a massive shift in their life, defying all odds and truly break free from their current challenges as soon as the choose to stop playing small and decide just make it happen already.

I'm talking mere days.

Of course, our team bonuses certainly don't hurt. :)

Here's all the crazy bonuses you're about to gain access to when you lock arms with our team (The Masters Initiative) today, and the world-class tools you can use to propel you to the top of the leaderboards when you decide to get all in and finally start paying big in your life.

(Hint: I use these four EPIC members-only tools every single day)




Masters Initiative Bonus #1
How To Get 2 Sales A Day In Less Than An Hour Online (Value: $49,997)

2 Sales/day  x  Days in a Year = A lot of HAPPY People :)

I’ll give you another hint: it has nothing to do with setting up hundreds of lousy facebook ads, posting to deadbeat marketing groups, spamming your precious newsfeed or chatting with people you’ve never met for hours until they magically somehow want to buy from you.

Lame, bro.

I’m talking about sponsoring 2 actual LEADERS every single day, rain or shine, in less than an hour online. The Kind of leaders that search for you, hunt you down, foaming at the mouth, credit card in hand, ready to buy ANYTHING you tell them to… hoping, praying, just begging you to let them work with you…

…and your only task (of course) is to simply
say: “Yes… yes, you may work with me.”

Countless hours of research, thousands of dollars on advertising and hundreds of
REAL-LIFE case studies have been compiled, simplified and magnified…

… so you can start generating 2 sales a day - today.

This tool will NEVER be released to the public,
(in fact, a leader offered me $50,000 if I would share it with his team… lol.)

I respectfully declined.

I care too much about the success of my team and YOU. And that is why this
system is ONLY available when you join me personally.




Masters Initiative Bonus #2
How To Get 100% Of The People You Talk To To Go ALL IN (Value: $25,000)

This strategy ALONE increased my LCV (life-time customer value) to $1,200
…almost instantly - like magic.

Imagine getting paid 1200 dollars for every new $25 member that joins you.
Imagine your teammates trading $25 for $1,200 every single day of the week?

Do you think they’d stick around a while?

100% of the people I speak with get ALL IN… all the time, every time… and I’m actually amazed at how simple it is to duplicate. From newbies to grannies, our team has one of the absolute highest LCV and retention averages here inside of the Empower Network.

Leaders choose to take massive action and follow other leaders. I break down our simple formula for success for anyone that joins my team.

You can do that now, here.




Masters Initiative Bonus #3
How To Get Your Team To Produce Without EVER Calling Them (Value: Priceless?)

Hate Micromanaging?

It’s funny really. Our team is actually growing SOO fast that I find it hard to even keep up with all the success stories. Shalonda paid her house off, Tanner’s moving out of the country, Nicole got her life back, Debbie’s set for retirement,
and the list goes on and on and on…

Wouldn’t it feel great to experience such EXPLOSIVE growth, such ALARMING productivity that you can’t even keep track anymore?

To say that this bonus is priceless
…is truly an understatement.

This concept has DRAMATICALLY altered the course of my life forever.
Decide to take massive action and join me.




Masters Initiative Bonus #4
6 Figure Plug & Play HIGH Converting Follow Up Series (Value: $4,997)

You’ve probably heard things like “the fortune is in the follow up” right?

With internet marketing, the fortune is in the follow up series (autoresponder).
We’ve discovered a little secret that NOBODY is teaching, and streamlined it.. propelling our team over the edge. While most marketers struggle to get 21% open rates, this ONE strategy alone has generated open rates averaging 67% and opt-in rates as high as 134%...

What does this mean for you?

Not only will your leads open your emails, they may even take a second look. :)

It’s a plug and play, fully automated follow up system, and
it’s only available when you click the button below to join:


When you decide to play big in life...

You can click this button and claim your $79,994 team bonus anytime you choose to.
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Folks - obviously what I teach works (otherwise you wouldn't even be on this page right now). Heck, even a hyperventilating panda with three legs is smart enough to realize that if you never decide to implement what your about to learn immediately and choose to follow my paint-by-numbers formula for creating massive success online, you cannot expect to get the exact same results as the people who will.

Although creating a 6 or 7 figure income per month with our team is so extremely simple and toatally do-able that even a blind grannie with a mouse can start earning gobs and gobs of money, only you can make the decision to rise up from the ashes and step into freedom now.  

Again, welcome aboard - let's make this year a year to remember!

- Jacob DeBoer
"Liberator of the Underdog in all of us"

P.S. Watch your email like a hawk... my assisstant will be sending you 
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I've found (and, leaders, pay attention here - this is a huge tip) that paying it forward by giving my team members monumental bonuses like this and rewarding the action takers for their undying tenacity by placing duplication dynamos on their team is powerful. Not only does is create, nurture and sustain a killer team culture, but personally I believe it aligns with one of the biggest laws of our universe.

Guys, it doesn't take much work, and requires very little extra time invested - all you've got to do is choose to remain coachable and hungry.

So let me ask you, who do you know that is looking to make an extra six figures fast, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Every week I'm going to be placing up and coming heavy hitters on someone's powerline... It's your choice if it's your's or the next guy's. Whether you know someone who would be a great fit (or perhaps you just made the decision to become my next six figure apprentice) or you are the one we've been looking for... choose to play big.

After you join us - shoot me an email.

We'll have a quick chat, I'll show you exactly how to make it happen, plus how you'll be six months ahead of "the other guys" right out of the gate.

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